• Hikmat Dangol

    • २१ भाद्र २०७७, आईतवार ०८:२९

    Who decides what is wrong and what is right?

    For some, my face will be pretty
    and for others my opinion wrong.
    But who decides what is wrong and what is right
    if it’s not right why is it so,
    and if it’s wrong than why does it feel so right?
    Is it right to kill a person a person,
    when we’ve always been taught that love has no religion?
    How is it right to make young girls believe
    that they need to choose between beauty and brain?
    But, would be wrong to make them that believe that they can have both?
    It it’s wrong to make young boys believe that mental wounds are a mark of failure
    Then, how is it right to tell them that wounds on their skin are an achievement and show of strength?
    It it’s wrong to judge someone ,
    than how is it right a remark a girl saying,
    she’d have been prettier if she was fair , And if
    being fair is being pretty than why are we taught to embrace our internal beauty?
    When we’re told that we live in a democratic nation,
    than how is it right to troll a girl for wearing a backless dress of her choice?
    Would it be wrong if I tell you that rape can happen to anyone regardless of their gender and dressing
    when kittens are getting raped?

    And if this still can’t convince you then,
    tell me what else can be right?
    If it’s wrong to die fearlessly
    would it be right to live with fears?
    If it’s right to tell people that they need speak up
    when they see anything wrong,
    Than, how it is wrong when a girl raises her voice against harassment in her workplace ?
    When it’s wrong to throw acid on someone’s face and more on their dreams,
    how is it not right to raise voice against that?
    If it’s right to start wars in the name of politics than,
    how is it wrong to sit on streets asking for our rights?
    If it’s right to someone than why don’t I feel right when the person
    I love, loves someone else?
    And if Aaisha loves Samir and that’s right than would Samir’s love for Chetna be wrong?
    If being selfish is end to love, what gives birth to it??
    Who actually decides what is right and what is wrong?
    Why do I feel so right when I see a lady paint her son’s nail in my apartment because he likes it
    But why does her husband feel it’s wrong for , he calls it gay ?
    If this world works according to its people than why does a lover die every day?
    And if to love is to worship,
    than why should religions always match for two lovers to unite?
    Who decides what is wrong and what is right?

    • Sadikshya Mainali
    Pashpati Mitra Secondary School, Chabahil

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