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    If everyone fulfils his/her duty and responsibilities, peace prevails

    Tokhalive . The world is worried about human rights and mostly about the children rights. Humanists talk about human rights. It’s good. There is not a single place to go against it but they always forget or ignore talking about the duty and responsibilities of the concerned ones. Talking about the human rights is like an easy cake. But the world especially the academicians as well as people from human rights should be conscious about these two phrases; human rights and duty and responsibility. We should not forget that conflict emerges when certain duties and responsibilities are ignored or avoided. In each family, every father or mother wishes that their child or children should be most obedient and carry their every command into effect. But we hardly get that fulfilled.

    When a child does not obey his/her parents, how his/her parents will be ready to carry his/her demands fulfilled. When a child does not fulfill his or her duty, does he/she have rights to talk about his/her rights? How his/her parents feel at this moment. If a child does not obey his/her parents at home how he/she can be obedient to his/her teachers and other friends at school. Neither a school nor a home can be as each hope. But if everyone fulfills his /her duties, there won’t be conflict anywhere, only the smile prevails in every corner of human society.

    So is the case of people and the government in each nation. People wage war in thier own nation. Why? There are only a few reasons: whether the government is dictator or it never runs as the constitution of the nation or the constitution itself is not in favor of voiceless people or discrimination prevails everywhere or nepotism is in favor of the government. When the government cannot work as the guardian of community or the nation, there is not compulsion to obey its commands.

    So, the concerned ones should not point out their fingers at the happenings without investigation of the cause of happenings. In most of so-called people revolution, the unconcerned people become the victims like the pedestrians but the ones who wage war against the authority are hardly killed. When the innocent ones are killed during demonstration what may be the result? Uncontrollable. Think twice before making the concept on about the happenings. Therefore, every happening does not take place without reason. There is or are some reasons beyond it.

    Today’s human beings who raise voice for the human rights should aware the people to carry their duty first. Everyone has to learn what is his/ her duty and responsibility. If everyone carries his/her duty into practice without delay, there won’t be any more conflict in human society. If they know about their duty and responsibility, everyone begins to respect to each other. There won’t be the matter of delaying in work, corruption, anarchism but harmony and friendship between each other fosters and the conflict of the human society ends up for forever. This is what human society is looking for.
    Being a teacher at community school in Nepal, I have experienced and seen many changes in our education system. While I was a school student, corporal punishment to student was very common but nowadays, it has been the matter in our schools in Nepal. No teacher is allowed to punish students but sometimes it works well and changes the course of the life of the silliest students. Even the weakest student in the class, a teacher’s slap on his/her cheek once has changed and become the wisest ones too. Beating, bulling, shouting is not good. But sometimes, they stand as the dike that control them to involve in bad activities and choose the way what he/she is supposed to take.
    The culture in one society differs to other society like the paddy grown in high mountains in Nepal and the plain terai belt of Nepal. Both are paddy but their taste is different. So are the human beings in Nepal. Everyone can easily know looking at the physical structure of human being where he/ she is from. Their clothing, language and food is different to each other. Young boys and girls from Gurung and Magar community go to Rodhighar in the evening to sing is very common but the girls and boys from other communities are not allowed. Let it continue the days ahead too. Preserving culture means living in the civilized society but hating and ignoring other people is inhuman activity.

    Everyone has to be ready to continue the good tradition but should modify to the wrong tradition. For example, during the mensuration period the girls in the western part of Nepal still even today are compelled to stay in cowsheds or somewhere else away from their dwelling. It has to be changed. Before telling them not to stay in cowshed, it will be better to tell them why it is not good to be there. If the human society is convinced itself, the change occurs itself there. But if the government tries to impose it with forces, it creates conflict in that society. In our previous constitution long back in 1963 Nepal legally abolished the caste system and criminalized caste-based discrimination including untouchability. But it is still in existence. It’s better to convince people about it.

    There must be the change in the concept in the people and they should know themselves that what is good and what is right. if they realize themselves; they change what they used to do and follow the right path. There should be changes in awaking people of the world. The enemies of today’s and past of human beings is and was human greed as well as prejudiced attitudes; I am right, I am all in all, but the other knows nothing, and they should be trodden. This is the place where we need to change.
    Education of each nation should be relevant to the environment of each nation. If not, the achieved knowledge may not be handy. The concept of education in Nepal should be of our own. The education given to school and university students is like of creating the best-looking animal, the camel. How it looks. So is the education system of Nepal. It neither catches the Gurukul education system nor it can catch the present science and technology in or school or universities. The education of today in Nepal should have fusion of o our classical way of learning and modern science.

    Chandra Kanta Pandit
    Pashupati Mitra Secondary School
    Chabahil, Kathmandu

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