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    • २ भाद्र २०७७, मंगलवार ०८:४२

    Miracle of hot lemon water

    A few months back a well-known Prime Minister from one of the most developed countries in the world was ruling her. He was very conscious about his people’s health. One day while listening to the news, he knew about the pandemic Covid-19 Corona virus. He listened to the news very attentively and came to know that it had been spread out from Wuhan city of China. Because of Corona virus the whole world had been locked down in no time. As soon as the Prime Minister knew about thevirus he called for the meeting. Then he informed his cabinet ministers about it and decided to lock down his nation too. 

    In Italy many people died of virus and more or less it seemed as if it was not possible to control.  When his people from his nationlistened about that decision of Prime Ministerthey were shocked. There was a clever and intelligent boy name Samriddha in his capital city. He had two friends named Kushal and Prasanna. 

    When he knew about Corona virus he urgently called his friend Kushal and Prasanna. Then his friends said, “Why do you call us?” 

    He replied, “Did you listen to the news?” 

    Kushal replied, “Yes, I read.”

    Kushal said, “Can we do something at these hours?” 

    “Indeed, yes.”

    Samriddha said, “First of all we should know about it and collect information. Only then we can do something else for it.”

    After two days studies, they came to know that any medicine had not been found till that time. But if people were aware of it, they could be safe. According to them washing hands, putting masks onto their mouths and using sanitizer onto their hands could help them to be safe from it. Drinking hot water with lemon, turmeric power and other herbs could save it too. To aware the people they collected some money, bought soaps, sanitizer and masks. They conducted awareness program to the people around them. 

    Samriddha went out from his home and distributed mask and sanitizer to the needy ones. He distributed them to those who could not afford of them. While distributing sanitizer, masks and soap, they saw their friend Prasannawithout mask onto his mouth. 

    While seeing Samriddha and Kushal in masks, he began to laugh.   He said, ” You looked like the oxen in yoke in bamboo masks onto yourmouths to save the plants while ploughing.” . 

    “Don’t you know mask saves us to be safe from corona virus? ” said Samridhha. 

    “I am not so coward as you.” He added. 

    Samriddha and Kushal tried their best to convince him. But their effort went in vain. They took their own ways after a few minutes talking. 

    After a week they came to know that Prasannawas infected due to corona virus.  As soon as they knew about it they went to his home taking masks and sanitizer. When they reached at his home he was ashamed and said , ” Sorry. I didn’t listen to you. If I had listened to your advice, I wouldn’t have been infected from it. His eyes were filled with tears”

    “Don’t worry our friends. Stay separately from your family members for 2 weeks in home quarantine and develop confidence yourself, you can be free from it. But you should have hot lemonade in each thirty minute. “Then they gave him a packet of masks and a bottle of sanitizer. After that they took their way towards their homes.

    After two weeks they went to see their friends Prasanna. When they reached his home, they found him in the kitchen. He was preparing lunch .He was more or less recovering from corona virus. As soon as he saw his friends he was very happy. Both of them congratulated him for recovering his health. 

    ” Do you know how I come to recover from the pandemic ?

    “Maybe, only drinking hot water mixing lemonget you recover from it.” He said.  

    “Indeed, yes.”

    Even after that incident, he never neglected to his health. 

    After that all of them agreed to help the needy ones and aware the people. They felt very happy when their friend Prasanna completely recovered from the pandemic. They became true friends and let people judge them as the friendship of Lord Krishna and Sudama. They lived happily even after.  

    Praguna Pandit     

    Class : 7

    Pashupati Mitra Mavi 


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