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    Rajendra Mahato and Upendra Yadav; Two Heroes of Parliament on 31 st Jestha 2077

    Congratulations to all Nepalese and political parties as well as the members of House of Representatives of Nepal who showered their solidarity and proved that all Nepalese were and still are in unison for the sake of nationalism though there are many objections in many places. Upendra Yadav and Rajendra Mahato pointed out the bitter truth and Mahato raised the question of equality at the same place.  Even to speak at the house at the time of crisis favors the PMs no time limit for them but not to the representatives. Why? Where is the equality written in the constitution has been the satire to the speaker of the House of Representatives. It is the place whether equality as mentioned in the constitution of Nepal must prevail. It shows that equality is only for the sake of writing or in reality too though it is written under fundamental rights of all Nepalese. So is happening at the case of carpeting in the resident of President.

    There was and is still misunderstanding in people residing in hilly and mountainous regions that the Madhesies are loyal to India but have forgotten that due to the nationalism they are more suppressed from both sides; Nepal and India. The hilly people mostly blame that they are closed to India and they don’t favour Nepalese proved by both heroes of the day that was totally an irrational thought. In many times so many people who were and are living in boarders  were and are tortured, murdered, kidnapped and robbed by the neighboring people, which is invisible to them, is totally unfair. They were and are not able to see their plight.

    Nationalism does not mean only the geography but must have feelings and love to the nation. Both Yadav and Mahato challenged to the so called leaders of Nepal from various political parties and pointed that how they were not able to speak for the sake of nationalism but their ways of judging to Madheshi as Dhoti is totally unfair and they are the bearer of every hurdle that is in Nepal due to their geographically closeness . They challenged to the government and asked to the leaders to find out the anti nationalists and let them hang in Tundikhel, an open space of Kathmandu. It shows how suppressed they were and still are and how true nationalist they were and are. No political party should only chant the slogans of nationalism but must deal with India with a diplomatic way so that it can be the win win situation to both sides.

    Yadav informed that there was something wrong while signing at the Mahakali Treaty from Nepalese side .The present government and the concerned ones should be aware of it and well prepared before dealing with India. Both nation should have friendly relationship and should help each other as being neighbouring countries. Nationalism should not be the slogan for winning the election but it must come out from every heart and must own as own blood which flows in veins. Only protesting and chanting slogans against the neighboring cannot get us outlet. To have outlet of it, the demonstrators should be sincere and the government should play the vital role. It has to create harmony but not chaos.

    Whatever both Mr Yadav and Mahato spoke at the House of Representatives yesterday proved them as true nationalists and were very persuasive and might have been able to eliminate illusion that had and have feelings about the Madhesies . Thank you very much for showing your courage and being able to expose how painfully the people who are living in the southern border areas of Nepal. How painful it would be if anyone blames and blamed that they belonged to Indian but not as Nepalese. They were and still re the true nationalists. They proved not only as the leaders of a single political party but as the leader of Nepal. They challenged everyone think about them and have fair lens to see the reality.

    Nepalese and their representatives gave the authority to the present government to deal with India in a diplomatic way. The illusion about nationalism should be eliminated from our nation. Only keeping the missing territory of Nepal in the map is not a big matter but it has to be able to use it for the sake of Nepal and Nepalese. Indian armies should give up Lipu Lake and other Nepalese territory and Nepalese security forces should be there. Nationalism is not only the territory but the peoples’ common feelings residing inside there. Let every Nepalese feel proud being Nepali wherever he/she lives whether in Himal, Pahad or Terai.  Everyone has to realize that in unison we can win but in division we can lose.

    Chandra Kanta Pandit

    Pashupati Mitra Secondary School

    Chabahil, Kathmandu

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