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    • ७ जेष्ठ २०७७, बुधबार १३:२२

    Care in a Time of Corona

    Om shanker Shrestha– Ironically we are really lucky enough to go through fatal disastrous hardships repeatedly in our lives. Definitely tremendous jolt with a magnitude of Richter scale of 7.8 on 12, Baiskha, 2072 B.S. and ongoing current pandemic of Corona virus alias Covid -19 have made us become combat warriors to fight against the death in a commando style without having any trainings and adequate necessary logistics. Philosophically many of us have experienced our deaths standing few inches away from us and fortunately we got and now getting narrow escape from the deaths, it has really taught us to easily welcome or accept an inevitable death one day.

    On one hand and we are happy to acquire such death preparation education and on the other hand we are shocked to see some evil people committing suicidal acts which can be termed as an terrorist act as well . They have been misusing this very painful time as a chance of becoming richer overnight. Basically in inner or core parts of the major cities of the nation some nonsense people are running their restaurants and shops in the allies breaching the issued health guidelines and imposed luck down by the government. They are playing a hide and seek games with the monitoring team of police, they pull down their shutters on their very arrival and as soon as they get out of sight they pull them up with villainous and dirty stupid smiles. May be due to lack of proper education, awareness or greed they are enjoying monopoly of their business by gathering crowds of the strange and suspicious people around without thinking of the health of vulnerable aged old people and the children.

    May be our country is the one of few such backward and narrow minded countries of the world where most people are stuffed with negativism , they have only learned to criticize the government policies , law enforcements , local authorities and even those great people like doctors , nurses and volunteers selflessly serving the needy people round the clock by keeping their own lives at high risks in the front line during this tragic pandemic. To check aforementioned acute problems the local residents have to stand up and get united rather than waiting for any effective measures taken by respective wards. Of course it does not mean that we are going to cut off regular sources of a living of the stakeholders but house owners and local people can encourage and convince the healthy ways of income by telling them havoc of ongoing pandemic.

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